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The made to measure revolution starts at The Left Shoe Company. Shop our wide range of styles including Oxfords, Derbies, Boots, Loafers and golf shoes. Handcrafted and individually produced for the perfect fit. Strictly personal.
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  • The Chocolate Story
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  1. Scan your feet in minutes
  2. Select your shoe style
  3. Personalise your color/sole/inscription
  4. Order in store or online
  5. Hand-crafted in Europe

The Samson
The Lamont
The Wilfred

New Arrivals

Step into the new season with our latest styles.

The Chocolate Story

Our first spring styles have arrived and are more delicious than ever. This season is all about exquisite materials, rich colours and the confidence to embrace the beauty of understated details.

The Cordovan Collection

Distinguished by its polished finish and superior durability, shell cordovan is also the most non-porous leather known. Made from horsehide, this leather is extremely rare as each horse only provides enough cordovan for one pair of shoes. The patina of cordovan leather will only improve with age, showing its beautiful and unique character. The tanning process takes over six months to complete, making cordovan leather a true form of art.

Pintura Mano

High quality hand dyes and embossed upper leathers. Choose your preferred combination for the perfect hand finished effect.

Exotic Skins

The Exotic Skins collection brings you refined and exquisite style with genuine crocodile, skate and eel upper leathers.

The Oxford

Born in England in the 1880's, the eminently stylish Oxford is still considered to be the most elegant of men's shoes. It is an essential for every gentleman's wardrobe.


  • Close lacing for streamlined look
  • Suited to a more narrow foot with a lower instep


The Derby

The Derby, also known as the Blucher, was most notably worn by the Prussian Army to defeat Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. Win your daily wardrobe battles in this popular, versatile silhouette.


  • Open lacing for a roomier fit
  • Suited to a wider foot or high instep
  • Can be worn with formal or informal attire

The Monk

Although named after sandals worn by monks in centuries past, the only thing you will need to dedicate your life to when wearing these is humility when receiving compliments.


  • Buckle fastening for ease and comfort
  • Formality; can be paired with work or weekend looks

The Loafer

Welcome to the age of loafers. With a blend of casual ease and dress formality, our sleek and sophisticated slip-ons do double duty with your dressy and casual wardrobe.


  • Absence of laces with elastic supported higher vamp

The Boot

The Boot has become a necessary year-round staple. A pair of Boots, whether sporty, like the Chukka, or sleek, like the Chelsea, is a great alternative to classic shoe styles.


  • Provides greater protection from weather and harsh conditions
  • As versatile as shoes though not recommended for black tie or formal occasions

The Seaside

Relax in transcendent, nautical style with this yacht-worthy collection inspired by the famous seaports of the world.


  • Designed with Goodyear welted white rubber soles for superior traction and comfort
  • Perfect for adding a pop of color to your summer wardrobe

The Golf

Some call them golf shoes, we call them performance enablers cloaked in style. Anticipate that jealousy from friends will ruin their short game.


  • Waterproof Sympatex membrane
  • Premium leather lining


Select the strap and buckle of your choice and create the belt that complements your LSC shoes and personal style. Grow your collection with different buckles to update your look on the go! Made by British luxury belt maker Elliot Rhodes for LSC.


Like the man, the shoes require a bit of TLC. Choose the appropriate shoe care products and your shoes will carry you those extra miles.