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How it works

The Left Shoe Company will make an individual pair, working with existing patterns, leathers and our selection of comfortable and good looking lasts.
The total appearance and character of a shoe can be personalized for you by selecting subtle details such as choice of calf, suede, grain leather, colour, width of instep and welt or thickness and material of sole.
Back to the future
The Left Shoe Company concept combines the skill of yesterday’s craftsmen with today’s state of the art technology.
Firstly, you visit one of our shops and consult our staff. To make sure you get the best available fitting we measure your feet with a 3D scanner. Your data is then used to pick out the last, instep and size fitted for you. Secondly, just like with made to measure suits, we ask you to step into a try-on-pair of your individual match. This is done to secure that you get the best possible fit according to your personal taste and liking.
Then you pick the classic, modern classic, contemporary or casual shoes of your choice.
Your made to measure shoes are now manufactured and shipped to your office or home address within 6 weeks. 
Thanks to your customer ID and Left Shoe Company membership card you are able to shop and reorder online, as well as combine and design your own shoes, and get them delivered from factory within 6 weeks from your order.